Cherry Blooms Matte Volumizer Lipstick - Rouge

Cherry Blooms Matte Volumizer Lipstick - Rouge



A new innovative matte liquid lip formula containing volumizing & longwear ingredients that boosts lip volume and stays on after 3 meals. Finally you can have highly pigmented matte lips. The super comfortable creamy texture is non-drying and non-flaky, so you don’t need to touch up during the day making you selfie ready at all times.



The high performance gelling system creates a creamy texture that stays on the lips using a 3 layer application process. Combined with volumizing active ingredients, such as Portulaca Pilosa Plant Extracts, that mimics hyaluronic acid and has textured powder fillers to smooth out fine lines on the lip. The longwearing formula lasts and plumps at the same time, made specifically for busy women who need multi-benefit high performance products to keep up with them.

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1. Apply product on clean, dry lips. (Exfoliate for best results).

2. Line the lips first with the tip of the applicator.

3. Fill in the rest of the lip with the flat side of the applicator and wait 10 seconds to dry. Do not rub lips together during this process.

4. Do two more layers, letting it dry each time. This will ensure lip colour will stay on after 3 meals and the micro powder fillers smooth out fine lines on the lip.

5. Blot with a tissue to remove excess product.

No lip liner needed!


Use tissue or cotton pad with makeup remover, Vaseline or any oil based products.