Aspect Purstat 5 220ml

Aspect Purstat 5 220ml


PURASTAT 5 220ml

Daily exfoliating cleanser

Purastat 5 Facial Cleanser frees the skin of embedded dirt, makeup and environmental pollutants without stripping the skin's natural protective lipid barrier.

Purastat 5 also encourages epidermal renewal via the inclusion of fruit acids, which assist in the exfoliation of dead skin cells. The addition of L-Lactic acid facilitates the attraction and locking in of water molecules in the epidermis' upper layers, improving skin hydration and countering dehydration and dryness. Purastat 5 also protects against environmental aggressors through the inclusion of antioxidants such as Canadian Willowherb™ extract and Botanical Complex SCA™.

Not suitable for use around the eye area.

Suitable for

  • All skin

  • Pigmentation

  • Oily / Problematic

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  • Gently exfoliating

  • Detoxifying

  • Non-irritant

  • Antioxidant protection

  • Soothing and calming


  • For both AM/PM use
    Dispense a metered pump into clean hands, lather up to a foam and massage over the face, then rinse off.
    Avoid the eyes: not for eye make-up removal