I've been lucky to say that for most of my life I’ve always had pretty clear skin. The odd pimple here and there but nothing major. After stopping breastfeeding and getting my period back, my skin became out of control. My chin was prickly, red and angry. Spreading from one side to the other, and back again during each period. I had tried everything, cleansers, moisturisers, to drying out, no makeup, you name it. Nothing worked. I became really self conscious and was really paranoid about it and this went on for months.

I was 30 years old and had the worst skin of my life.

Until my sister booked me in for a facial with Tenille and I was given some of her image cleanser and moisturiser. The very next day my skin appeared clearer. A week on and it was visibly less red and raised, and now almost totally gone after two weeks. I am amazed.

So thankful for you Tenille who was able to show me how dehydrated it was and point me in the right direction to give it the hydration it desperately needed. My skin isn’t back to normal, it’s better than it’s ever been.

Mel, Elliston

I have been so careful and diligent throughout my life caring for my skin. Ive certainly spent the money on what i considered to be good skin care. Like everyone im increasingly noticing the signs of aging and that my skin type has changed. I decided a while back i wanted to see what my skin really looked like under Tenille's light. I was horrified with what i saw laying under the surface!

From this Tenille recommened a series of peels from which I have had only 2 and the results are astounding. I can visibly see the results and feel it, especially with the way my makeup applies. The peels and recommended skin creams and serums by Tenille have given me the confidence that my skin will be the best it can be.

I always laughing tell my friends "I dont mind being old but I dont want to look it".

Tania, Port Lincoln

After having regular facials for years and still having the same issues with my skin, I’m so happy with the results I’ve had from seeing Tenille! Not only do you get the lovely relaxing experience of a facial, Tenille also does an assessment of your skin and helps you understand your individual needs.

I found that my current skin care regime was actually causing the problems I’ve been trying to fix for years. Through Tenille’s incredible knowledge of the skin and fabulous products from Image Skincare, I have seen almost instant results! I’m so happy to have found someone so professional and knowledgeable to fix my skin and prevent any future issues.

I wish I had been to Tenille years ago, she is truly incredible!

Mel, Port Lincoln

If anyone is looking for someone who cares and takes all the time in the world with your skin , seriously lo0k no further , this lady and her business is top notch, I could not recommend Tenille and her professional business “Zwar Beauty” any more, she has literally saved my skin issues I’ve had all my life. I feel so lucky to have come across her. I am still amazed at how much time, effort and care goes into each and every one of her clients.

Book yourself in you will not regret it. 

Nadia, Wudinna